ARMORUM SOLUTIONS –R&D company, focusing on affordable solutions in fields of SIGINT, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, ground and UAV communications, small arms upgrades, armament systems modernization, consulting and training.

We are a team of professionals who have participated  CTO at East of Ukraine in the ranks of infantry and special reconnaissance units at command and operational positions. We have entered this war with weapons and equipment created ourselves, continued research and development on-site, thus have combat-proven experience and solutions. We  know how modern warfare look, proactively respond  battlefield challenges and constantly modernize our products and create new ones according to changing demands and resources avaliable.

Our products:
System of unified infantry machine gun mounts for LMG, 12.7mm MG, 14.5mm MG&RPG

Remotely controlled turrets.
“Shadow” – SIGINT LLVI&DF system.

“PROSTIR” upgrade  module for PSNR-5 “KREDO” ground surveillance radar.

“POLOZ” single-use small-size FOB reconnaissance UAV.

Customer-specified digital data and video link  for UAVs.